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Your favorite siropiasta sweet or a selection of all is presented in an elegant white gift box.  Various sizes are available. Dark blue gift boxes are perfect for Kourabiye cookies and milk bread.
Siropiasta sweets, Karavan Tsoureki milk bread as well as Kourabiye cookies are easy to transport. No cooling is needed. A special wrapping is offered if you wish to transport your sweets in luggage.
At Greek baptism or wedding, as a habit, small sweets are offered after the ceremony: Karavan baklava is a perfect choice – each piece wrapped in gold glossy cellophane, or any other wrapping according to your preferences.
For your name day, birthday or any other happy celebration baklava is the sweet to share among friends and colleagues.
At Karavan Café George and his team shall be happy to suggest and help you find the perfect gift for each occasion.

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